President/CEO Appeals To PM Harper of Canada

HŌNAUNAU, HAWAIʻI – On April 8, 2015, the Rev. Wryen K. C. Kīwaha, President and CEO of the Kealamākia Foundation, submitted an OFFICIAL LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER of Canada, the Right Honorable Stephen J. Harper, in opposition to the unlawful $1.4 billion construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope at Maunakea. Currently the government of Canada, headed by Prime Minister Harper, is formulating a budget for consideration by the House of Commons; which as of today, according to the PM’s office, will include significant funding for the Thirty Meter Telescope. The President’s letter includes references to the commitment of the Canadian government for the preservation of Canada’s beauty and natural resources, as well as its commitment to the peoples of the First Nations, as an understanding he hopes will guide the PM towards reconsidering Canada’s involvement.

In a statement released an hour ago (4/8/15, 10:30 AM HST), President Kīwaha said:

The letter to the Prime Minister was drafted yesterday and sent this morning. It is truly disappointing, however, that two hours ago, the Prime Minister announced that the budget of Her Majesty’s Government will include funding for the Thirty Meter Telescope. I am, however, optimistic that the letter will be received by the Prime Minister before the House of Commons meets to decide on the budget.

Because of the question of the continuity of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the prolonged and illegal occupation of a sovereign state by the United States government, the construction of the TMT is illegal and a violation of international law. As such, Canada now becomes a party to these violations through its support of the TMT.

The involvement of the Foundation should not be construed as being political. Instead, it is because of our commitment to education – in particular, Hawaiian culture, language, and history – that the Foundation is taking these small steps to support the protest of the unlawful construction of the TMT. Preserving Maunakea and other significant sites throughout the Hawaiian Islands for future generations is a priority for our Foundation.

A copy of the letter is provided in the link above.


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