Trustees: “Mahalo Hoʻokena!”

On Friday, May 16, 2014, the initial Trustees of the Kealamākia Foundation and Hoʻokele (CEO) Wryen K. C. Kīwaha met together for an informal meeting at Hoʻokena Elementary School as the organization prepares to commence a new fiscal year on Sunday, June 1, 2014. In attendance with the Hoʻokele were Trustee Lorraine Medeiros and Vice-Chair Willow Roback, who acted as chair in the absence of Chairperson Wendy Baez.

The informal meeting, the last meeting of the organization at Hoʻokena Elementary School, signified the end of an era of continuous organized parent and community involvement in the school extending back to the very founding of the institution in 1931.

“For 83 years, the school and numerous parent, teacher and community organizations have worked closely together for the benefit of our keiki,” said Hoʻokele Wryen Kīwaha. “While it is difficult for us to have to leave this wonderful place, it’s a move that we feel was necessary; and, which was in the best interest of the organization.”

While finances and structural changes were at the forefront of the discussion, the Trustees also spent a great deal of time expressing their feelings about the transition as well as to thank all those who had worked for and supported the organization these last five years; especially Trustee Lorraine Medeiros who leaves office at the end of the fiscal year on May 31, following years of dedicated service to the PTO.

“Trustee Medeiros and another previous board member, Fran Duntz, are the very reason I began to volunteer with this organization,” said Hoʻokele Kīwaha. “Without their support and mentorship I don’t believe I would be prepared to take on this new role as the Chief Executive Officer. I treasure their support all these many years.”

The Board of Trustees did not schedule a meeting; however, they are expected to meet in September when four vacancies on the Board of Trustees will need to be filled.

“It’s never been about us,” said Hoʻokele Kīwaha. “It has always been about the children. And, despite the challenges we’ve faced and the circumstances surrounding our exit, we still love this school. And, that will never change.”


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